Wettbewerb Earth 00.00.00

Adresse: Diomede Island, Beringsstraße
Bearbeitungsteam: Mathias Christoffel, Reinhard Singer
Bearbeitungszeit: 1989

In the sphere of the Diomede Islands the dateline/ boarder is splitted, a district is generated, where time, nationalities, religions and ideologies don’t exist. So this district contains the key for world-wide peace. The district is called „Earth 00/00/00“
Because of its special state it is home for all living beings, especially men without nationality.
Now this place is the centre of the earth (called earth…), but it’s not important that anybody knows it.

A global system of two axes is erected. Between the two Diomede Islands the time axes crosses the axis of information ( a steel rope under tension). At this crossing, there is the possibility of approaching the continents by streching the steel rope with a rope-lock.
The immediate environment of these crossing axes (including the Diomede Island) conserve an extra state…

Both islands are penetrated by pipes, in which the steelm rope runs. The islands are only medium for a possible change, their own physical state doesn’t change. On the continent pipes penetrate the ground, following the sea level in an invisible line.
At the ideal crossing of the steel rope with the (formerly) dateline there is a rope-lock which stretches the steel rope. The possible stretching works world-wide with constant energy.

The first function of the rope is mechanical, the stretching means world-wide action.
As a second function the rope maybe used as a supraleader tansporting information all over the world.
In the rope-lock the two ends of the steel rope are fixed. It denotes permanent readiness to move together continents, countries and human beings. The rop-lock is, by means of its outstanding location, protected from the grip of nations, religions or ideologies.